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Gift Guide

   Gift Guide



A "Gift" or present is normally known to be the transfer of money, goods, etc. It does not involve the factor of direct compensation as in trade or done with expectation of reciprocity of any kind. Gift can refer to anything that can make the receiver more happy or even less sad. So in many human societies, the act of mutually exchanging gifts contributes to their social cohesion. As in Japan, twice a year - in December & June- it is common for co-workers, friends and relatives to exchange gifts called Oseibo & Ochugen in the nature of food, wine, some household utensils or the like. The gift giving season coincides with company employees receiving a special bonus along with salaries. Also gifts are to say thank you, form of souvenirs, for birthdays, anniversaries & off course for Christmas. Gifts are received with both hands and all kinds of rules exist which govern the etiquettes of gift giving.

Corporate Gift Giving Guidelines:

Corporate gift giving is an easy way to let your team of co-workers, vendors etc. know how much you -the employer- appreciate their hard work, input and -the clients (for who you are in business for) know how much you appreciate their business. These gifts need not be excessively expensive but with careful planning ahead of time you can give a lot for less. Gifts are available for all budget ranges from free coupons to as extravagantly priced item you wish to purchase.

Corporate gift giving is an excellent way to build or maintain business relation, whether with an important client or a valued employee and as such ,should be done in a professional manner.

  • Appropriateness

    Before you begin making your gift list, check all of the recipients' corporate gift policies. Fearing manipulation and bribery, many companies have a no-gift policy or strictly limit what an employee can accept. Call the recipients' personnel departments for guidelines. Ask if there is a price limit on gifts. Stay within this limit. Extravagant gifts may be misinterpreted as bribery.
    If a corporate policy prohibits gifts, ask if it might still be possible to give something such as a fruit basket which the entire office can share in. Another option is to make a donation to a charity the company or individual supports.
  • Timing

    In addition to holiday occasions, where gifts are expected, make gift-giving a year-round habit. Many other occasions merit gift giving and will make an impact on the recipient as a reward to a hard working employee, a client for new or continued business, for someone who has referred business to you, to motivate or encourage your employees especially for their birthday, retirement, a promotion, opening of a new office, for a completion of an important project- the list is endless.
    Identify key dates in a client's life such as birthdays, and anniversaries.
    Look for reasons to celebrate. Go beyond marking family occasions. Include anniversaries of when the individual started with his or her company and when the company was founded.
    Keep a list of the people you'd like to send gifts to and take notes about them that will help you select gifts for them.
  • Personality & Purpose:

    Keep in mind that a corporate gift is a business tool. Make sure that the gift reflects the purpose of the goal. Showing appreciation, marking a personal event or congratulating a client are all goals that warrant a more personalized gift. Introducing a new product recognizing achievement are goals that can be achieved by gifts that are less personal.
    Find a gift that suits the recipient's taste, not your own. Don't think that someone will like a gift simply because you do. Call the recipient's secretary or a coworker and ask about favorite food, special interests, color preferences, if they collect anything, favorite sports teams, authors or musicians.
  • Presentation:

    Take the time to write a personal note to accompany every gift. The note should be hand written.
    When possible, gifts should be hand-delivered via messenger. Send mailed gifts first class or via your preferred supplier of ground or air transportation services.
    A beautifully wrapped gift conveys the message that you care. Gift paper and boxes from a status-name store have a lot of impact because they convey the image of that location.
  • Customization:

    Customize your gifts. While the corporate logo on a gift provides free advertising, it could be interpreted as tacky. It is thus more appropriate to leave logo customization to gifts that will be used daily such as mugs, key chains, notebooks, etc. You should never put a company logo on a gift when you want to leave the impression that it is coming personally from you.

Tips for Successful Gift giving

  • Always Keep the quality in the mind
  • Tailor your gift to the requirements of the receiver and their hobbies and interests.
  • Be creative with a low budget
  • Remember perceived value , not the actual value.
  • A beautifully wrapped gift conveys the message that you care.
  • Be confident in giving gifts- size does not matter.
  • Beware of International protocols- clocks are a taboo in china as they signify death.
  • Stay away from the gifts that look cheap, or may look too extravagant or ostentatious.
  • Send boutique gifts like handmade chocolates. It is the perfect corporate or a personal gift- anything that looks different or luxurious is better.
  • Keep gifts in inventory that can be used on occasion.
  • Style and design are a must.
  • Tacky gifts are tacky- so gag gifts are almost as tacky- stay away.
  • Gifts should be unisex- saves money
  • Avoid all gifts that are political, sexual or religious oriented.
  • Find symbolism in your gifts-for example: giving an art glass conch shell suggests leadership.
  • Be sincere with your gift giving. Enjoy the art of gift giving.
  • Be sensitive to the gifts relating to alcohol including barware products- check for corporate policies on such gifts or any restrictions that may apply.
  • Corporate gifts are a efficient business tool to strengthen relationships. Make sure your gifts positively reflect your company image.
  • Avoid perishables in gift baskets - it puts pressure on the recipient to either eat the perishables fast or to toss.
  • Give something that is functional as well as good- such a gift that a recipient may not necessarily buy for themselves- a crystal bowl to be used for condiments or to put in paper clips.

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